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We carry a large selection of contact lenses and work with all four major soft contact lens manufacturers.

We believe every patient is a good contact lens candidate. High astigmatism, presbyopia - the need for a boost of reading,- high nearsightedness, high farsightedness, or even corneal conditions such as keratoconus don’t rule out our patients from being contact lens wearers.

All contact lens evaluations include an in depth evaluation under the microscope of the patient’s corneas - the front clear surface of the eye- to ensure no long term damage is being done to the eye from contacts. All evaluations also include additional follow ups at no extra charge. That means if you need multi focal contact lenses and the first combination doesn’t seem perfect, you can come back for free and Dr. Gay will keep working until there is the best combination of lenses and prescription to get you seeing great with excellent comfort.

Dr. Gay also fits specialty contacts such as scleral lenses and RGPs for irregular corneas for keratoconus, post surgical corneas, and other conditions.

Enhancing your vision for today, and preserving your vision for tomorrow.

It is important for everybody to get regular eye exams even if you don’t need glasses.